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Historic PSAAPG Publications List

Below is a list of publications that have appeared on PSAAPG price lists over the years. Many of these publications are available only on our DVD #6, which is available for purchase at the bargain price of $145.00. A table of contents for this DVD can be viewed by clicking here. Many of these publications can also be purchased individually from AAPG Datapages.


Guidebook Series
GB 1A Field Trip Gaviota Pass – Refugio Pass Areas, Santa Barbara County, California 1947 DVD #6
GB 2A Field Trip Guide to Ventura and San Miguelito Fields 1956 out of print
GB 2B Spring Field Trip. Huasana Basin, San Luis Obispo County 1956 out of print
GB 2C Guidebook, Chico-Martinez Creek Area 1958 out of print
GB 2D Round Mountain Area Field Trip Guide 1958 out of print
GB 2E Death Valley to San Fernando 1951 out of print
GB 2F Road Log San Marcos Pass to Jalama Creek 1954 DVD #6
GB 2G Cuyama District Field Trip 1951 DVD #6
GB 3 Guide Book 1964 Field Trip Routes – Anchorage to Sutton – Sutton to Caribou Creek 1964 out of print
GB 3A Spring Field Trip Panoche Hills 1960 out of print
GB 3B Spring Field Trip. Geology and Paleontology ot the Southern Border of the San Joaquin Valley 1961 DVD #6
GB 3C Guidebook to Geology of Carizo Plains and San Andreas Fault 1962 DVD #6
GB 3D Spring Field Trip, Devils Canyon Area 1963 out of print
GB 3E Guidebook to the San Andreas Fault Zone from Temblor Mountains to Antelope Valley, southern California 1964 DVD #6
GB 4A Guidebook to Western Santa Ynez Mountains 1965 DVD #6
GB 4B Guidebook to Placerita Area 1965 DVD #6
GB 5 Geology of Southeastern San Joaquin Valley, California – Kern River to Grapevine Canyon 1965 DVD #6
GB 6 title is missing
GB 7 title is missing
GB 8 A Tour of the Coastal Oil Fields of Los Angeles Basin in and Adjacent to San Pedro Bay, California 1966 out of print
GB 8A Spring Field Trip, Santa Susanna Mountains 1966 DVD #6
GB 9 Geology of the the Big Mountain Oil Field and Nearby Area, including notes on the trip from Piru to Big Mountain 1967 out of print
GB 10 Gabilan Range and Adjacent San Andreas Fault 1967 DVD #6
GB 11 The Guidebook to the Geology and Oilfields of the Westside San Joaquin Valley 1967 DVD #6
GB 12 Geology of the North Channel Islands and Southern California Borderlands 1969 DVD #6
GB 13 Geology and Oilfields of Coastal Areas, Ventura and the Los Angeles Basins 1969 DVD #6
GB 14 Spring Field Trip, Tehachapi Mountains Crossing of California Aqueduct 1968 DVD #6
GB 15 Field Trip Guide to Santa Rosa Island 1968 DVD #6
GB 16 Field Trip Guide to the Fillmore Areas (Sespe Creek) 1969 DVD #6
GB 17 Guidebook to the Southeastern Rim of the Los Angeles Basin 1970 DVD #6
GB 18 Spring Field Trip, Ventura Avenue and San Miguelito Oil FIelds 1970 DVD #6
GB 19 Upper Sespe Creek 1969 out of print
GB 20 Pacific Slope Geology of Northern Baja California and Adjacent Alta California 1970 out of print
GB 21 Cook Inlet Oil and Gas Fields Guidebook 1970 out of print
GB 22 Field Trip San Andreas Fault – San Francisco Peninsula 1971 DVD #6
GB 23 San Fernando Earthquake Field Trip 1971 DVD #6
GB 24 Newport Lagoon to San Clemente – Field Trip Guide Book 1971 out of print
GB 25 West Side Central San Joaquin Valley Fieldtrip Guidebook 1972 DVD #6
GB 26 Central Santa Ynez Mountains Field Guide 1972 out of print
GB 27 Cretaceous of the Coalinga Area Guidebook 1972 out of print
GB 28 A Profile of Southern California Geology and Seismicity of Los Angeles Basin 1973 DVD #6
GB 29 Metropolitan Oil Fields and their Environmental Impact 1973 DVD #6
GB 30 Imperial Valley Regional Geology and Geothermal Exploration 1973 DVD #6
GB 31 Santa Barbara Channel Region Revisited 1973 DVD #6
GB 32 Miocene Sedimentary Environment and Biofacies, Southeastern L.A. Bay 1973 DVD #6
GB 33 Sedimentary Facies Changes in Tertiary Rocks. California Transverse and Southern Coast Ranges 1973 DVD #6
GB 34 Field Guide of Traverse of Castaic Ridge Basins 1973 DVD #6
GB 35 Guide to Geology and Hydrology, Anchorage Area 1973 out of print
GB 36 title is missing
GB 37 Geology of Peninsular California 1974
GB 38 Paleogene of the Panoche-Cantua Creek Area 1974 out of print
GB 39 Oilfields of Whittier Fault Zone 1975 DVD #6
GB 40 Geology of Torrey Canyon, Oakridge, Santa Susanna and Tapo Ridge Oil Fields, Ventura County 1976 DVD #6
GB 41 Pliocene Geology and the Santa Paula Oil Field Areas, Ventura Basin, California 1976 DVD #6
GB 42 Late Miocene Geology and New Oil Fields of the San Joaquin Valley 1977 DVD #6
GB 43 San Cayetano Fault Field Trip 1977 DVD #6
GB 44 Eocene Sedimentation and Paleocurrents, San Nicholas Island 1978 out of print
GB 45 Castle Steam Field, Great Valley Sequence 1978 DVD #6
GB 46 Geologic Guide of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and Regions of Southern California 1979 DVD #6
GB 47 Geology of the Lake Casitas Area, Ventura County, California 1979 DVD #6
GB 48 Kern River Oil Field Field Trip 1980 DVD #6
GB 49 Geologic Guide, Topanga Group, Central Santa Monica Mountains, California 1980 DVD #6
GB 50 Field Guide to the Mesozoic-Cenozoic Convergent Margin of Northern California by S. A. Graham (ed.) 1981
GB 51 The Franciscan Complex and San Andreas Fault from the Golden Gate to Point Reyes 1981 out of print
GB 52 Guide to the Monterey Formation in the California Coastal Areas, Ventura to San Luis Obispo by C. M. Issacs (ed.) 1981
GB 53 Geologic Guide of the Central Santa Clara Valley, Sespe and Oak Ridge Trend Oilfields, Ventura County, California 1982 DVD #6
GB 54 Miocene and Cretaceous Depositional Environments, Northwest Baja California, Mexico by J. Minch and J. Ashby (eds.) 1984
GB 55 Guidebook for the San Andreas Fault – Cajon Pass to Wrightwood 1984
GB 56 Southeast San Joaquin Valley Field Trip, Kern County, California. Part 1 Overview (SJGS) 1985 out of print
GB 57 Structure and Stratigraphy of the East Side of San Joaquin Valley (South East San Joaquin Valley Field Trip, Part II) by
Patricia J. Bell (ed.)
1986 DVD #6
GB 58 Geologic Fieldguide to the Long Beach Area 1987 DVD #6
GB 59 Guidebook for the San Andreas Fault – Cajon Pass to Palmdale by R. Hester and D. Hallinger (eds.) 1987
GB 60 Petroleum Geology of Coastal Southern California 1987 DVD #6
GB 61 Ventura Basin: Geologic Introduction and Field Trip Guidebook (LABGS) 1987 out of print
GB 62 Geology of Palos Verdes Peninusla and San Pedro Bay 1987 out of print
GB 63 Ventura Basin: Geologic Introduction and Field Trip Guidebook (AAPG) 1988 DVD #6
GB 64 Santa Barbara and Ventura Basins – Tectonics, Structure and Oilfields along an East-West transect by A Sylvester & G. Brown (eds.) 1988
GB 65 Structure, Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Occurrences of the San Joaquin Basin, California 1990 DVD #6
GB 66 Geologic Guidebook to Point Reyes by B. J. Bilodeau and S. O. Davis (eds.) 1990
GB 67 Geology and Tectonics of the Central Coastal Region-San Francisco to Monterey by R. E. Garrison, et al. (eds.) 1990
GB 68 Geology Tectonics and the Evolution of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Sierra Nevada of California: Guide to Yosemite and the Motherlode Goldbelt by L. A. Landefeld and G. G. Snow (eds.) 1990
GB 69 Geology: Earthquake and Impact 1989 out of print
GB 70 Field Guide to the Tectonics of the Boundary Between the California Coast Ranges and the Great Valley of California by M. C. Erskine, J. Unruh, W. R. Lettis and J. A. Barton (eds.) 1992
GB 71 Field Trip North Coastal California (Field Guide to the Late Cenozoic Subduction Tectonics & Sedimentation of North Coastal California) by G. A. Carver and K. R. Aalto (eds.) 1992
GB 72 Field Guide to the Monterey Formation between Santa Barbara and Gaviota, California by J. Scott Hornafius (ed.) 1994
GB 73 Field Conference Guidebook and Volume for AAPG National Convention, San Diego, California by P. Abbott & J. Cooper (eds.) 1996 AAPG Datapages
GB 74 Old Fields and New Life: A Visit to the Giants of the Los Angeles Basin by D.D. Clarke, D.D. Otott and C.C. Phillips (eds.) 1996 DVD #6
GB 75 Geology of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field and Adjacent Temblor Range by T. Nilsen, A. S. Wylie, Jr., & G. Gregory (eds.) 1996 DVD #6
GB 76 Late Cenozoic Fluid Seeps and Tectonics along the San Gregorio Fault Zone in the Monterey Bay Region, California by C. Moore & R. Garrison (eds.) 1999
GB 77 Geology and Tectonics of the San Fernando Valley and East Ventura Basin by T. Wright & R. Yeats (eds.) 2001
GB 78 The Geologic Transition, High Plateaus to Great Basin – A Symposium and Field Guide (The Mackin Volume) 2001 DVD #6
GB 79 Deep-Water Sandstone, Submarine Canyon to Basin Plain, Western California (11″ x 17″ spiral-bound color atlas) by D. Lowe 2004
GB 80 (coming soon)
GB 81 Outcrops that chnge the way we practice Petroleum Geology by R. Behl (ed.) 2020
Miscellaneous Publications Series
MP 1 San Andreas Fault Bibliography 1962 DVD #6
MP 2 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 1: (Late Mesozoic of Sacramento Valley, Upper Cretaceous of Sacramento Valley, Kione Formation, Grimes Gas Field, Upper Miocene Sands of Midway-Sunset) by Stanley E. Karp (ed.) 1962 out of print
MP 3 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 2, (Uppermost Cretaceous Sands of Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Basins, Lathrop Gas Field, Geology of Northern San Joaquin Valley, Kettleman Hills) by William F. Edmondson (ed.) 1964 out of print
MP 4 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 3, (San Andreas Fault, 29D Monarch and 10-10 Pools of Midway-Sunset, Meganos Gorge, Geology Laws) by Ernie W. Rennie (ed.) 1965 out of print
MP 5 Pacific Section AAPG Membership Directory 1964 out of print
MP 6 title is missing
MP 7 title is missing
MP 8 A Symposium of Papers Presented at the 40th Pacific Section AAPG Convention 1965 DVD #6
MP 9 Directory – Pacific Section AAPG Membership 1968 out of print
MP 10 Directory Binder 1968 out of print
MP 11 Proceedings of the North Slope of Alaska Seminar, Palo Alto, California 1970 DVD #6
MP 12 Program Abstracts – 1971 Arctic Symposium 1971 out of print
MP 13 Program Preprints, 1972 Annual Meeting, AAPG, SEPM, Pacific Section (Pacific Coast Geology, Basis for New Exploration) 1972 DVD #6
MP 14 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 4: (Meganos Gorge, Sherman Island, Sacramento Valley) by H. E. Sugden (ed.) 1972
MP 15 Miocene Biostratigraphic Symposium 1972 out of print
MP 16 Turbidite and Deep Water Sedimentation 1973 out of print
MP 17 Geologic Literature on the the San Joaquin Valley 1973 DVD #6
MP 18 Global Tectonics Short Course 1974 out of print
MP 19 Preprints San Diego Meeting (AAPG-SEPM) 1974 out of print
MP 20 Contours on Top Miocene, South Los Angeles Basin 1971 out of print
MP 21 Geologic Map of San Emigdio and West Tehachapi Mountains, Kern County, California 1973 out of print
MP 22 Current Concepts of Depositional Systems Short Course 1975 out of print
MP 23 Paleogene Symposium of Pacific Coast 1975 out of print
MP 24 Geologic History of California Continental Borderland 1976 DVD #6
MP 25 Tomorrow’s Oil from Today’s Provinces 1976 DVD #6
MP 26 Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sedimentation and Tectonics in California (SJGS) 1977 out of print
MP 27 Energy, Exploration and Politics: Preprints 1978 Annual Meeting AAPG-SEG-SEPM 1978 out of print
MP 28 Petroleum Exploration, Economics and Risk Evaluation 1978 out of print
MP 29 Criteria in Correlation: Relevant Principles of Science by R. M. Kleinpell 1979
MP 30 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 5: (Cal Canal, Pacoima, Kettleman City, Sacramento Valley) by John L. Stoops (ed.) 1979
MP 31 Ventura Basin Tectonic Map – Ventura Sheet 1976 out of print
MP 32 Deep Water Oil Sands – Ancient Case Histories, Modern Concepts 1977 out of print
MP 33 Preprints, 1980 Annual Meeting AAPG-SEPM-SEG, Pacific Section (Challange of the 80’s: Energy) 1980 DVD #6
MP 34 Forty Years, The Education of a Geologist by Thomas A. Baldwin 1982
MP 35 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 6: (Yowlumne, East Brentwood, Edison, Lost Hills) by G. W. Kendall and S. C. Kiser (eds.) 1984
MP 36 62 Years: History of the Pacific Section AAPG by C. F. Green (ed.) 1985
MP 37A Organic Geochemistry in Oil Exploration by R. Jones &; R. Phillip 1987
MP 37B Tectonics, Sedimentation and Evolution of the Eel River and other Coastal Basins of Northern California by H. Schymiczek and R. Suchsland (eds.) 1987
MP 38 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 7: (Tulare Formation, Landslide Oil Field, Stevens Turbidites of Crocker Canyon, Monterey Formation – part 1, Monterey Formation – part 2, Miocene Diagenesis, Domengine Formation, San Joaquin Valley Field Trip Itinerary) by John W. Randall and Robert L. Countryman (eds.) 1988 out of print
MP 39 Environmental Concerns in the Petroleum Industry 1989 out of print
MP 40 Environmental Field Trip Guidebook (Environmentally Significant Locations in the Kern County Area), 1991 Pacific Section Annual Convention, Bakersfield, California by Richard J. Menzie and Herman B. Schymiczek (eds.) 1991 DVD #6
MP 41 Structural Geological Sacramento Basin: Symposium Presented at the 1992 Pacific Section AAPG/SEPM/SEG Annual Convention by V. B. Chevron and W. F. Edmondson (eds.) 1992
MP 42 Symposium on the Application of Horizontal Drilling Techniques in California by L.C. Knauer (ed.) 1992 DVD #6
MP 43 Geology of the Northern San Joaquin Basin Gas Province by F.B. Cressy & M.L. Simmons (eds.) 1997
MP 44 Systematic Technique for Describing and Quantifying Fractures in Coreby by D. Lockman, r. George & M. Hayes (eds.) 1997 DVD #6
MP 45 Contributions to the Geology of the Northern Channel Islands, Southern California by P.W. Weigand (ed) 1998
MP 46 Structure and Petroleum Geology of the Santa Barbara Channel, California by T. Hopps, D. Kunitomi & J. Galloway (eds) 1998
MP 47 Stratigraphic Architecture of a Sand-Rich, Deep-Sea Depositional System: The Stevens Sandstone, San Joaquin Basin, California (12″ x 18″ spiral-bound color atlas) by M. A. Lamb, K. S. Kai, & S. A. Graham (eds.) 2003
MP 48 Contributions to the Geology of the San Joaquin Basin, California by L. C. Knauer & A. Britton (eds.) 2009
MP 49 Tertiary Sequences of the Central San Joaquin Basin, California: Age Control and Eustatic Versus Tectonic Controlling Factors (Color Poster 36″ X 40″) by C.L. Johnson, R. B. Bloch & S. A. Graham 2005
MP 50 Reflections on the San Andreas & San Gabriel Faults—Striking Contradictions to Large Lateral Offsets by R. H. Paschall & H. Walrond, 112 p. 2007
MP 51 Middle Tertiary Sequence Stratigraphy, Southern San Joaquin Basin, California (11″ x 24″ spiral-bound color atlas originally published in-house in 1989 by ARCO) by Hewlett, J.S., Phillips, S., Bazeley, W.J.M. 2015
Random Publications
Guide to the Geology and Oil Fields of the Los Angeles and Ventura Regions 1958 DVD #6
Salinas Valley: Production, Stratigraphy, Structure and the San Andreas Fault 1963 DVD #6
Pliocene Seaknoll, South Mountain, Ventura Co., California 1967 DVD #6
Steam Injection, Wilmington Field, Los Angeles Area, California 1967 DVD #6
North-Central Los Angeles Basin and Whittier Oil Field 1967 DVD #6
Central Santa Monica Mountains, Stratigraphy and Structure 1967 DVD #6
Santa Catalina Island 1967 DVD #6
Los Coronados Islands, Mexico 1967 DVD #6
Guidebook to Geology and Oilfields West Side Southern San Joaquin Valley by Stanley E. Karp (ed.) 1968 AAPG Datapages
1-1 Selected Papers of the Pacific Section Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California by R. L. Hester and D. E. Hallinger (eds.) 1983
SV-1 Paleogene Submarine Canyons of the Sacramento Valley: AAPG by A. A. Almgren and P. D. Hacker (eds.) 1984
1-2 Tales from the Rig Floor by Tom Baldwin 1987
1-3 Groundwater Geology of the Wine Country, Carpinteria and Santa Ynez Valley Region, Santa Barbara County, California 1994 DVD #6
1-5 Depositional Environments, Structure, and Tectonics of the Western Transverse Ranges, Ventura County, California 1996 DVD #6
1-4 Neotectonics and Associated Sedimentation, Ventura Basin, California 1997 DVD #6
1-7 Roadside Geology and Biology of Baja California, Field Trip Guidebook (First Edition) by J. Minch, E. Minch & J. Minch (eds.)
Second Edition (2017) available from John Minch Baja Books
1998 out of print
CDs and DVDs
CD/DVD #1 Collection of Papers about the Oil, Gas and Source Rock Geochemical Investigations carried out in the San Joaquin, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Basins, California by Kaplan 2000
CD/DVD #2 never issued
CD/DVD #3 Neotectonics and Coastal Instability: Orange and Northern San Diego Counties, California by M. Legg, G. Kuhn & R. Shlemon (eds.), Combination of new material and reprints assembled for a 2003 field trip at the annual meeting in Long Beach 2002
CD/DVD #4 Geology of Central California by Ron Crane 2007
CD/DVD #5 Stanford University Geologic Studies of the San Joaquin Basin, 1980-2010 2010
CD/DVD #6 AAPG DVD of scanned PSAAPG publications as pdfs from 1947-2001 2017
CD/DVD #7 Advances in the Geology of the Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Basins since PSAAPG Miscellaneous Publications 41 and 43,
Edited by S. A. Reid and Scott T. Hector, Volume 1