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PSAAPG 2020 Publications List

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Guidebook Series
GB 37 Geology of Peninsular California: 1974 $8.00
GB 50 Field Guide to the Mesozoic-Cenozoic Convergent Margin of Northern California: 1981, S. A. Graham (ed.) $8.00
GB 52 Guide to the Monterey Formation in the California Coastal Areas, Ventura to San Luis Obispo: 1981, C. M. Issacs (ed.) $8.00
GB 54 Miocene and Cretaceous Depositional Environments, Northwest Baja California, Mexico: 1984, J. Minch and J. Ashby (eds.) $8.00
GB 55 Guidebook for the San Andreas Fault – Cajon Pass to Wrightwood: 1984 $8.00
GB 59 Guidebook for the San Andreas Fault – Cajon Pass to Palmdale: 1987 R. Hester and D. Hallinger (eds.) $8.00
GB 64 Santa Barbara and Ventura Basins – Tectonics, Structure and Oilfields along an East-West transect: 1988, A Sylvester & G. Brown (eds.) $8.00
GB 66 Geologic Guidebook to Point Reyes: 1990, B. J. Bilodeau and S. O. Davis (eds.) $10.00
GB 67 Geology and Tectonics of the Central Coastal Region-San Francisco to Monterey: 1990, R. E. Garrison, et al. (eds.) $10.00
GB 68 Geology Tectonics and the Evolution of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Sierra Nevada of California: Guide to Yosemite and the Motherlode Goldbelt: 1990, L. A. Landefeld and G. G. Snow (eds.) $10.00
GB 70 Field Guide to the Tectonics of the Boundary Between the California Coast Ranges and the Great Valley of California: 1992, M. C. Erskine, J. Unruh, W. R. Lettis and J. A. Barton (eds.) $10.00
GB 71 Field Trip North Coastal California, 1992, G. A. Carver and K. R. Aalto (eds.) $10.00
GB 72 Field Guide to the Monterey Formation between Santa Barbara and Gaviota, California, 1994, J. Scott Hornafius (ed.) $10.00
GB 73 Field Conference Guidebook and Volume for AAPG National Convention, San Diego, California, 1996, P. Abbott & J. Cooper (eds.), 476p. buy as Book #80
GB 75 Geology of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field and Adjacent Temblor Range, 1996, T. Nilsen, A. S. Wylie, Jr., & G. Gregory (eds.), 428 p. (3rd REPRINT), Paper copy SOLD OUT. see DVD #6
GB 76 Late Cenozoic Fluid Seeps and Tectonics along the San Gregorio Fault Zone In the Monterey Bay Region, California: 1999, C. Moore & R. Garrison (eds.) $15.00
GB 77 Geology and Tectonics of the San Fernando Valley and East Ventura Basin, 2001, T. Wright & R. Yeats (eds.), 224 p. $20.00
GB 79 Deep-Water Sandstone, Submarine Canyon to Basin Plain, Western California, 2004, D. Lowe, This is an 11? X 17? spiral-bound book with color figures, 80 p. (2nd reprint) $50.00
GB 80 (coming soon)
GB 81 Outcrops that chnge the way we practice Petroleum Geology, 2020, R. Behl (ed.), 118 p. $36.00
Miscellaneous Publications Series
MP 14 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 4: 1972, H. E. Sugden (ed.) (Meganos Gorge, Sherman Island, Sacramento Valley) $8.00
MP 29 Criteria in Correlation: Relevant Principles of Science: 1979, R. M. Kleinpell $8.00
MP 30 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 5: 1980 (Cal Canal, Pacoima, Kettleman City, Sacramento Valley $8.00
MP 34 Forty Years, The Education of a Geologist, Thomas A. Baldwin: 1982 $8.00
MP 35 Selected Papers Presented to the San Joaquin Geological Society, Vol. 6: 1984 (Yowlumne, East Brentwood, Edison, Lost Hills) G. W. Kendall and S. C. Kiser (eds.) $8.00
MP 36 62 Years: History of the Pacific Section AAPG: 1985, C. F. Green (ed.) $8.00
MP 37A Organic Geochemistry in Oil Exploration: 1987, R. Jones & R. Phillip $8.00
MP 37B Tectonics, Sedimentation and Evolution of the Eel River and other Coastal Basins of Northern California 1987, H. Schymiczek and R. Suchsland (eds.) $8.00
MP 41 Structural Geological Sacramento Basin: Symposium Presented at the 1992 Pacific Section AAPG/SEPM/SEG Annual Convention, 1992, V. B. Chevron and W. F. Edmondson (eds.) $12.00
MP 43 Geology of the Northern San Joaquin Basin Gas Province, 1997, F. B. Cressy & M. L. Simmons (eds.) $12.00
MP 45 Contributions to the Geology of the Northern Channel Islands, 1998, P. W. Weigand (ed) $15.00
MP 46 Structure and Petroleum Geology of the Santa Barbara Channel, California, 1998, T. Hopps, D. Kunitomi & J. Galloway (eds) $16.00
MP 47 Stratigraphic Architecture of a Sand-Rich, Deep-Sea Depositional System: The Stevens Sandstone, San Joaquin Basin, California, 2003, M. A. Lamb, K. S. Kai, & S. A. Graham (eds.) (This is a 12″ X 18″ spiral-bound book with color and B/W Illustrations) $25.00
MP 48 Contributions to the Geology of the San Joaquin Basin, California, 2009, L. C. Knauer & A. Britton (eds.), 233 p. $40.00
MP 49 Tertiary Sequences of the Central San Joaquin Basin, California: Age Control and Eustatic Versus Tectonic Controlling Factors, 2005, C.L. Johnson, R. B. Bloch & S. A. Graham, Color Poster 36″X40″ $20.00
MP 50 Reflections on the San Andreas & San Gabriel Faults—Striking Contradictions to Large Lateral Offsets, 2007, R. H. Paschall & H. Walrond, 112 p. $20.00
MP 51 Middle Tertiary Sequence Stratigraphy, Southern San Joaquin Basin, California, 2015, (Originally published in-house in 1989 by ARCO: Hewlett, J.S., Phillips, S., Bazeley, W.J.M.); This is an 11” X 24” spiral-bound book with B/W and color figures, 73p. $85.00
Random Publications
SV-1 Paleogene Submarine Canyons of the Sacramento Valley: AAPG, 1984, A. A. Almgren and P. D. Hacker (eds.) $8.00
1-1 Selected Papers of the Pacific Section Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California: 1983, R. L. Hester and D. E. Hallinger (eds.) $8.00
1-2 Tales from the Rig Floor: 1987, T. Baldwin $8.00
CD or DVD Series
CD/DVD #1 Collection of Papers about the Oil, Gas and Source Rock Geochemical Investigations carried out in the San Joaquin, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Basins, California; 1980-1995, I. Kaplan (ed), 4600 p. $40.00
CD/DVD #3 Neotectonics and Coastal Instability: Orange and Northern San Diego Counties, California, 2002, M. Legg, G. Kuhn & R. Shlemon (eds.), Combination of new material and reprints assembled for a 2003 field trip at the annual meeting in Long Beach $20.00
CD/DVD #4 Geology of Central California, 2007, Ron Crane $35.00
CD/DVD #5 Stanford University Geologic Studies of the San Joaquin Basin, 1980-2010 $50.00
CD/DVD #6 AAPG DVD of scanned PSAAPG publications as pdfs from 1947-2001
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