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PSAAPG 2020 Publications List cont.

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CROSS-SECTIONS – Sacramento Valley
CS 6 Sacramento Valley North from T23N/R1W to T16N/R1E: 1954 (2 sheets) $8.00
CS 13 Sacramento Valley, North-South from T29N/R2W to T3N/R2E: 1960 (Red Bluff to Rio Vista) $8.00
CS 15 Sacramento Valley Central from T4N/R1W to T4N/R7E: 1967 (Suisun Bay to Lodi) $8.00
CS 16 Southern Sacramento-Northern San Joaquin Valley from T3S/R10E to T8N/R1E: 1967 (Winters to Modesto) $8.00
CS 31 Sacramento Valley from T13N/R5W to T15N/R4E: 1995, R. Suchsland, J. Clare, W. Edmondson, R. Boyd, & F. Cressy (eds.) $8.00
CROSS-SECTIONS – San Joaquin Valley
CS 9 San Joaquin Valley Central from T21S/R12E to T15S/R23E: 1957 (San Andreas Fault to Sierra Nevada Foothills) $8.00
CS 10N San Joaquin Valley Central from T4N/R3E to T18S/R20E: 1958 (Rio Vista through Riverdale) $8.00
CS 10S San Joaquin Valley Central from T18S/R20E to T10N/R19W: 1958 (Riverdale through Tejon Ranch Area) $8.00
CS 11 San Joaquin Valley, West Side from T19S/R15E, MD B&M, to T8N/R23W, SB B&M: 1959 (Coalinga to Midway Sunset and across the San Andreas Fault into Southeast Cuyama Valley) $8.00
CS 17 San Joaquin Valley: T16S/R10E to T8N/R1E: 1969 (Kingsburg to Tejon Hills) $8.00
CS 8R Revised Southern San Joaquin Valley from the San Andreas Fault to the Sierra Nevada Foothills: 1986 $8.00
CS 25 San Joaquin Valley from T16S/R21E to T11N/R18W: 1987 $8.00
CS 27 San Joaquin Valley, Cantua Creek to Transverse Ranges: T11N/R21W to T17S/R15E: 1989 (Fresno, King & Kern Counties) D. Sprouse (ed.) $8.00
CROSS-SECTIONS – Ventura Basin
CS 7 Ventura Basin-Central from T5N/R23W to T1SR21W: 1956 (Santa Ynez Fault North of Ojai to Western Santa Monica Mountains) $8.00
CS 30 Central Ventura Basin from T5N/R19W to T1N/R18W: 1995, T. Hopps, H. Stark, R. Hindle, J. Thompson & G. Brown (eds.) $8.00
CROSS-SECTIONS – Los Angeles Basin
CS 14 L. A. Basin from T15S/R15W to T8S/R10W: 1962 (Beverly Hills to Newport) $8.00
CS 14R L. A. Basin: (2 sheets) (Santa Monica Mountains to Seal Beach; Seal Beach to Newport-San Joaquin Hills) 1987 $8.00
CS 3R L. A. Basin: (Palos Verdes to the San Gabriel Mtns): 1988 $8.00
CS 28 Northern L. A. Basin: 1990 (From Santa Monica Bay to Prado Flood Control Basin) J. C. West and T. W. Redin (eds.) $8.00
CS 29 Eastern L. A. Basin: 1991 (from San Pedro Bay to San Gabriel Mts.) J. C. West and T. W. Redin (eds.) $8.00
CROSS-SECTIONS – Santa Barbara Channel
CS32 to CS42 The Santa Barbara Channel Cross Section Montages are now available.
The entire cross section series includes:
Correlation Sections at a vertical scale of 1”=1000’; Structure Sections at a natural (H=V) scale of 1”=4000’
Columnar Section; Cross section Index Map; Ten north-south sections
Two east-west sections combined to extend from Point Arguello field east to Montalvo field
Geologists are drawing on nearly 100 years of experience in Santa Barbara Channel
Also includes MP46 with two additional cross sections for this price
CS 12 Santa Maria Basin from T11N/R34W to T5N/R34W: 1957 (from Cretaceous outcrop in Santa Ynez Mountains to Franciscan outcrop North of Santa Maria River) $8.00
CS 24 Correlation Section of NW Oregon (Astoria to Eugene) $8.00
CS 26 Cuyama Valley: 1987 $8.00
CROSS-SECTIONS – San Andreas Fault (1964)
SA 1 Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Farallones $8.00
SA 2 Gulf of Farallones to Bielwaski Mt. $8.00
SA 3 Bielwaski Mt. to Hollister $8.00
SA 4 Hollister to Bitterwater Valley $8.00
SA 5 Bitterwater Valley to Parkfield $8.00
SA 6 Parkfield to Soda Lake $8.00
SA 7 Soda Lake to Santiago Creek $8.00
SA 8 Santiago Creek to Sawmill Mt. $8.00
SA 9 Sawmill Mt. to Valyermo $8.00
SA 10 Valyermo to the Mexican Border (includes segments 10 – 12) $8.00
SA 11 San Andreas Composite (Summary of segments 1 to 12) $8.00