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PSAAPG 100th-Anniversary Celebration

PSAAPG 100th Anniversary Celebration

A three-day celebration of Pacific Section Petroleum Geology and Geologists

To commemorate this centennial, the LABGS calls for presentations on:

  • History of petroleum geology in California, particularly in the LA Basin

  • Historical of key advances in exploration, field development, or geological/geophysical concepts and technology

  • Profiles of geologists whose contributions to California geology were extraordinary

  • Basin-scale geological-geophysical synthesis

  • Technical Advances in petroleum geology from the Pacific Section

We already have some invited talks, but are looking for high-quality presentations in the theme for the rest of the session. Please submit potential talk titles using the Google Form linked here:


Admission is $150 before August 15, 2024 and $200 after. Student pricing is $75. Admission includes Saturday Technical Sessions, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Field Trip.

Register before August 15, 2024 for Early Bird Pricing!

Registration is Now Open:


For questions or comments about this event, please submit using this Google Form.

Friday, September 13,  4PM-7PM
Icebreaker and reunion
Whittier Brewing Company
Food and drinks are available (self-pay)



Saturday, September 14, 9AM-5PM
Presentations on the general theme of history, development and contributions of petroleum geology and geologists in the Pacific Section.
Sharing (items and mini-posters) of geological artifacts of interest (maps, cross-sections, strat columns, tools, etc.)
Lunch on your own during break in Whittier
Dinner and Awards ceremony, 5-7PM. (included with registration)

Sunday, September 15, 9AM- ~2PM.
Whittier-Puente Hills trend and petroleum systems field trip
Lunch (included with registration) at Olinda Oil Museum.
Mode of transportation to be arranged after we learn the number of participants.