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H. Victor Church Memorial Award


No award given due to cancellation of convention


Megan R. Mortimer-Lamb, Richard Behl, PhD

Quantitative Compositional Characterization of the Biosiliceous Miocene Lark Formation, Danish North Sea and Norwegian Margin


Daniel E. Schwartz, PhD

Source-to-Sink Analysis of the Tributary System that fed the Mio-Pliocene Capistrano Formation Channel Complex at Dana Point Harbor, Orange County, CA


Robert J. Gillis, David L. LePain, Trystan M. Herriot, Marwan A. Wartes PhD, Paul L. Decker, Diane P. Shellenbaum, Jeffrey A. Benowitz PhD, and Paul B. O’Sullivan PhD

Results of 1:63,360-scale geologic mapping and related field studies in the south-central Tyonek Quadrangle, Alaska: Late Paleocene?-middle Eocene transtension and post-Oligocene inversion on the northwest periphery of the Cook Inlet forearc basin


Michael A. Thompson

Tectonic Evolution of the Palos Verdes Fault – Lasuen Knoll Segment, Offshore Southern California


Matthew Van Grinsven, Kathleen M. Marsaglia

Evaluation of Calleguas Creek as a Source of Sand at ODP site 1015 on the Hueneme-Mugu Submarine Fan, Santa Monica Basin, CA


Brian Gray, Nora Lewandowski, Hans Abramson Ward, Maria E. M. Arcos, William D. Page

Regional Stratigraphic Framework Along the Central California Shelf Margin for Assessment of Quaternary Activity on the Hosgri Fault Zone


William A. Rouse, David W. Houseknecht, Ken J. Bird, Christopher P. Garrity

Regional Geologic Framework for Appraising Continuous Petroleum Resources in Source-Rock Systems of Arctic Alaska




Meng He

One-Dimensional Burial History Model Sheds New Insights into the Petroleum Systems in the Vallecitos Area and Oil Field, San Joaquin Basin, California


Holly Ryan, Jacob Covault, Homa Lee, Charles Paull, David Caress

Tectonic Influence on the Generation of Cyclic Steps by Turbidity Currents Offshore San Mateo Point, Southern California Borderland


J. Paul Elliot, Dalton Lockman & Thomas Howard

Multiple Uses of Image Logs within the Los Angeles Basin, California


No Recipient


No Recipient


Paul G. Gillis and Richard G Stanley

Evaluation of Petroleum Source Rocks from Yukon Flats, East-Central Alaska


Jon R. Schwalbach, S. Gordon, C. O’Brien, B. Benmore & C. Huggins

Variation and Complexity: Monterey Formation Reservoirs of California


Robert D. Francis, Mark Legg & Donald Hallinger

Segmentation in the Palos Verdes Fault, San Pedro Bay and Detachment Attenuation within the Inner Continental Borderland, Offshore Southern California


Marwan A. Wartes & A.R. Carroll

Detailed Facies Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Fortress Mountain Formation, Atigun Syncline, North Alaska


Charles .M. Noyes, & Michael .P. Maley & Richard G. Blake

Definition of Hydrostratigraphic Units Within the Alluvial Sediments at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Michael S. Clark, Karla E. Tucker & Willaim C. Kempner

Sequence Stratigraphy and Trappin Mechanisms, Miocene Temblor Formation, Coalinga Field California


Caroline M. Isaacs, Margaret A. Keller & Kenneth J. Bird

Potentially Hazardous Trace Elements in the Monterey Formation, California


Steve Grayson

Advantages of “Real Time” LWD Dipmeter Data