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Pacific Section AAPG
Award Application for Excellence in the Teaching of
Natural Resources in the Earth Sciences



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The above information and information supplied with this entry is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct. I understand that a $250 award will be made to me for my school for use under my direction only, but can include my attendance at science conferences or training seminars. I am responsible for all taxes due as a result of this portion of the award. If a winner, I hereby give my consent to use my name and photograph for publicity purposes only.
Entries must be received by February 25, 2019.
1) A minimum of three full years of full-time teaching experience at any level K-12.
2) Teaching at least one unit per year on natural resources. Natural resources are defined as Earth materials used by civilizations past and present, such as:
a) Inorganic substances found in the Earth; water, mineral ores, building stone, aggregate, rocks and sediments.
b) Organic materials such as oil, gas, coal, and soil
3) Teaching should include scientific study of these resources, their origin, discovery, extraction, and historical and present uses. It should also include the preservation of the environment, reclamation and the conservation of resources.
4) Entries must include a statement of the teacher’s philosophy of the teaching of natural resources, a description of the unit with outline, Vita, and two letters of recommendation: one from a colleague and one from an administrator.
5) The unit will be evaluated on depth and breadth of concepts (resource origin, discovery, processing, usage, and reclamation), creativity of presentation, and balanced treatment of information regarding societal needs and environmental issues.