Thank you to all the volunteers that made the 2016 PS+RMS AAPG Joint Convention a success!

Convention Committee                                                                                                             Technical Session Chairs

Jonathan Allen- Technical Program Co-chair                                                                                  Jonathan Allen

Steve Veal- Technical Program Co-Chair                                                                                          Rick Bell

Aaron Hebeler- Oral Sessions Chair                                                                                                  Renee Breedlovestrout

Justine Overacker- Oral Sessions Chair                                                                                            Catherine Campbell

Dan Sturmer- Fieldtrips Chair                                                                                                            Marshall Crouch

Heather Strickland- Short Courses Chair                                                                                         John Curtis

Lisa Alpert- Registration Chair                                                                                                           Mark Dolger

Steve Foster- Finances Chair                                                                                                               Anne Draucker

Larry Knauer- Sponsorship C0-Chair                                                                                                Bill Ehni

Randy Ray- Sponsorship Co-Chair                                                                                                     Emily Fisher

Cynthia Huggins- Luncheons and Exhibits Co-Chair                                                                     Greg Gordon

Zack Hollon- Luncheons Co-Chair                                                                                                     Todd Greene

Bill Ehni- Exhibits Co-Chair                                                                                                                Michael Holmes

Bob Lindblom- PS Awards Chair                                                                                                        Dan Jackson

Bill Wendell- RMS Awards Chair                                                                                                       Gary Myers

Marck Maroun- Judges and Registration Co-Chair                                                                       Renee Richards

Tofer Lewis- Judges Co-Chair                                                                                                            Jon Schwalbach

Karen Walker- Guest Events Chair                                                                                                   Walt Snyder

Jerry Walker- Volunteers and General Convention C0-Chair                                                    Steve Sonneberg

Jon Schwalbach- General Convention Co-Chair                                                                           Wanda Taylor

David Hawk- General Convention Co-Chair                                                                                  Vaughn Thompson

Plamen Ganev- General Convention C0-Chair                                                                              Allen Waggoner

                                                                                                                                                                 Jerry Walker

                                                                                                                                                                 Spencer Wood

Thank you to all of the Fieldtrip Leaders, Luncheon Speakers, Oral and Poster Presenters, Judges, and student/spouse/significant other volunteers. Overall, we had 100+ volunteers that contributed to the success of the Convention!

Also, thank you to all of our Sponsors!